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Hot Air Buffoon!

Hello again! Here's a puzzle that comes with a disclaimer: there is foul language here! Ok, you've been warned, please proceed at your own risk. As always, thank you to my test solvers for vetting this one. I hope you enjoy the solve! Sound off in the comments if you feel so inclined, or hit me up on  Twitter . I always appreciate constructive feedback!  puz  |  PDF  |  solution Matt's Musings Well, shit! I'm glad you made it through the muck and I hope you found some enjoyment in this "colorful" theme. It's not altogether easy making a puzzle with foul language, because every solver has a different idea of what constitutes a thing as derogatory or offensive. I am definitely of the mindset that some crass words and wordplay can be used to inject humor into a puzzle. This probably won't be my only one that skews a little risqué, so I hope you didn't find it too off-putting. My favorite clue is 18-A and my favorite standalone entry is 8-D.