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My Specialty!

I relish every opportunity to collaborate with the "Indie Queen" herself, Norah Sharpe . When I was just getting started as a constructor, Norah was there to offer a guiding hand and link me up with some invaluable resources. At a point when I only had a single byline under my belt, for a small indie venue, she took a chance and hosted one of my puzzles on her own blog. Without her encouragement I'm not sure I ever would have taken the leap to make my own blog, and now here we are! So, to that end, thank you Norah for all of your support, and thank you for entertaining this idea to collab on another silly puzzle with me! I hope you all enjoy this one.   Norah says, "It's always a pleasure to work with Matt. He's a frequent contributor to Lemonade Disco where I am a puzzle editor - please check out our submission guidelines for the new midi series gin + grapefruit ! This puzzle came about from tossing around fun theme ideas and landing on this delicious s