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Doh! Nuts!

Surprise! I wasn't planning to post more than one puzzle a month, but sometimes inspiration strikes and I can't restrain myself. I hope you enjoy the puzzle! Sorry to all the .puz-heads who have to suffer through a "boring" black-and-white grid. The rest of you get to enjoy the festive colors! Given the spontaneity of this puzzle I'm going live without any test solving, so if you catch any mistakes please let me know. Sound off in the comments if you feel so inclined, or hit me up on  Twitter . I always appreciate constructive feedback!  puz  |  PDF  |  solution Matt's Musings A toast to all my August birthday buddies! There's a point in life where getting older just feels like getting old, and I think I'm creeping into that territory. Time is flying these days, due in no small part to watching my young children grow up so fast! I hope you enjoyed this calorie-free birthday donut... and yes, I think birthday donuts are a perfectly suitable a

Now We're Cooking!

Hey, welcome to Matt's Word! I wanted to kick things off with a light theme and I hope you enjoy it. I'd like to thank to my group of test solvers: Seth Cohen, Katie Hale, Susan Stanislawski, Tina Vozick, Bob White, and others. The puzzle would not be the same without their invaluable feedback.  Now, without further ado, please enjoy the first Matt's Word puzzle! Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter  to share your thoughts . I always appreciate constructive feedback!  puz  |  ipuz  |  PDF  |  solution Matt's Musings Whew! Glad you made it through. Thank you so much for solving my very first blog puzzle! I hope you enjoyed this one. I was spinning my wheels trying to kick this off with a straight themeless, but in the end I decided to add a short quip which I thought was appropriate for the launch. Since I generally dislike "quip" puzzles, I tried to make this play more like a themeless, coming in at 71 words (thanks to the asymmetry). I am especiall