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Hey, welcome to Matt's Word! I wanted to kick things off with a light theme and I hope you enjoy it. I'd like to thank to my group of test solvers: Seth Cohen, Katie Hale, Susan Stanislawski, Tina Vozick, Bob White, and others. The puzzle would not be the same without their invaluable feedback. Now, without further ado, please enjoy the first Matt's Word puzzle! Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter to share your thoughts. I always appreciate constructive feedback! 

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Matt's Musings

Whew! Glad you made it through. Thank you so much for solving my very first blog puzzle! I hope you enjoyed this one. I was spinning my wheels trying to kick this off with a straight themeless, but in the end I decided to add a short quip which I thought was appropriate for the launch. Since I generally dislike "quip" puzzles, I tried to make this play more like a themeless, coming in at 71 words (thanks to the asymmetry). I am especially happy to have squeezed in a few colorful long entries without drastically diminishing the quality of the fill. It's safe to assume 11-D is probably a new name for most of you, but I hope the crossings were fair enough and you were happy to learn about an up-and-coming talent. Thanks again for solving, and stay tuned for more!


  1. Fun puzzle that mixed a lot of old & new stuff which enabled me to solve via crosses. Thank you!


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