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Back That Thang Up!

There's a funny tie-in to crunk-era hip-hop that kickstarted my constructor brain, which you can read about in Matt's Musings. Anyway, this is a cheeky puzzle and I hope it brings you some solving joy. I'm always open to constructive feedback, so please let me hear your thoughts  in the comments or hit me up on  Twitter . Enjoy! puz  |  PDF  |  solution Matt's Musings Occasionally I'll queue up a "2000's hip hop" playlist and reminisce about my formative years, when I attended youth dances as Akon's "Smack That" blared from the speakers. Good times! And, it turns out, great inspiration for a crossword puzzle! One memorable hit from Juvenile features a catchy hook that kickstarted my idea for this puzzle. In fact, I was going to use BACK THAT ASS UP as the reveal initially, but I struggled to find a good cluing angle for it. I think ASS-BACKWARDS works just as well if not better for this theme. You can probably identify several ent