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Not That Kind of Ent!

This puzzle is the result of asking Twitter to pitch me a theme prompt. Shout out to Elise Corbin  for taking the bait and requiring me to stretch my brain a little bit, and also for giving this a test run! I was skeptical at first, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. Rest assured that if I wasn't able to make this work I would not have published the puzzle! Find  me on  Twitter  if you want to tease me with a new prompt or chat about puzzles . Enjoy the solve! puz  |   PDF  |   solution Matt's Musings This was not a case of my theme well running dry. I still have plenty of half-formed ideas floating around! While in the midst of some other crossword projects and trying to push more mainstream puzzles (including some super fun collabs - keep an eye out!), I decided to engage the community to see if I could build a puzzle around a spontaneous prompt, and Elise threw me a juicy curveball. Otorhinolaryngology — Elise Corbin (@cruciverb