Doh! Nuts!

Surprise! I wasn't planning to post more than one puzzle a month, but sometimes inspiration strikes and I can't restrain myself. I hope you enjoy the puzzle! Sorry to all the .puz-heads who have to suffer through a "boring" black-and-white grid. The rest of you get to enjoy the festive colors! Given the spontaneity of this puzzle I'm going live without any test solving, so if you catch any mistakes please let me know. Sound off in the comments if you feel so inclined, or hit me up on Twitter. I always appreciate constructive feedback! 

puz | PDF | solution

Matt's Musings

A toast to all my August birthday buddies! There's a point in life where getting older just feels like getting old, and I think I'm creeping into that territory. Time is flying these days, due in no small part to watching my young children grow up so fast! I hope you enjoyed this calorie-free birthday donut... and yes, I think birthday donuts are a perfectly suitable alternative to cake!


  1. love the fun shape and the placement of 17a! Happy birthday!!

    1. Thank you for solving! I nearly changed the color scheme just for the sake of 17a.


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