This Sucks!

Some things in this world are made to suck, like vacuum cleaners, elephant trunks, and black holes. This puzzle is none of those things, but also sucks! Solve to see why. Find me on Twitter for puzzling thoughts and updates.
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Matt's Musings

I was toying with this puzzle idea for some time and finally decided to see it through. I was not in any way trying to align this puzzle with a specific date, but it's a nice (niiice!) coincidence that I finished in time to post it on 6/9. Hope you found the puzzle to be delightful, cheeky, a bit edgy, and perfectly blogworthy.


  1. I like your ribald puzzles, and 47D "Baijiu from Guizhou" was totally new to me. Another good job that you didn't blow!


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